Starting & Leading QA Chapters

hi all,
Recently we formed QA as a subchapter part of the main Engineering chapter.
Since it is all new to me, I need advice, ideas, suggestions on how to get started and lead them successfully on a regular basis. thanks

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I would look at a few steps to get going:

  • invite more people than just the testers, if you want to shape the process of testing, it takes many different roles
  • collaboratively discuss what you want to achieve from the chapter, build a charter or a mission and create a backlog of topics you want to discuss
  • empower all attendees to be able to contribute
  • find an occasional external speaker who may be willing to come along and share their knowledge on a specific topic or give you pointers on what to discuss
  • get a TestSphere deck (or online subscription) and use it as an activity to get conversations on testing going

Can’t really add much to what @sjprior said here.

However, one thing I have found is that if it’s a manager ‘organising’ it, it tends to lose momentum if they end up moving on, changing teams, or get promoted further. So as well as empowering all attendees to contribute, move towards getting the attendees to manage it also.

Chapters, or in my case ‘Guilds of Testing’ can become a talking shop sometimes, with no real momentum, content or projects, if its only a small group of voices, not diverse, and certainly not energetic and enthusiastic.

Also, it’s worth remembering that large meetings and groups, or sharing knowledge internally or publicly is not everybody’s cup of tea. (Sorry, very British colloquialism). Be sympathetic/empathetic to those that might be unsure how they can contribute if they don’t feel able to contribute in that way. You may also have neurodiverse people on your team, so it’s important to consider how those folks are involved too.