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Communication is broken between ict teams such as analysts and devs how do you approach?

Thanks in advance for your responses

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First Iโ€™d ask a few questions.

What communication do you expect to see that you are not seeing?
Is that expectation correct and reasonable in context?

Then when we have a shared understanding of what communication should be happening Iโ€™d start to look to see the cause.

One possible cause is process - you may have to enforce part of a workflow that is designed to communicate an idea or cue a trigger elsewhere.

Another cause is people - look to see who is supposed to be communicating and whose job it is to manage that process and what theyโ€™re actually doing. If itโ€™s nobodyโ€™s job to manage that process then you have made an important discovery.

Itโ€™s an open-ended question that will take some exploring to figure out. When you know the problem you can provide a useful solution.

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Hi Pratik,

One of the things I see people doing to solve communication issues between dev & test is to find a way to link testing to individual requirements. Where I work - itโ€™s called traceability.

The gist of the idea is that by overlapping a testing application and the ALM used by developers - each side gets real-time visibility into the other teamโ€™s workflows - while each group stays in their application of choice. More on this concept below.

(posting as a useful concept to legit answer your question. not trying to sell on MoT - I get it!) :slight_smile:

Traceability and Coverage within your Agile Testing Environment Using Jira.