Team Mission Statements


We’re having a QA Team away day and one of the topics is going to be exploring a ‘QA Mission Statement’.

Does anyone have something similar within their teams?
How did you create it if so?



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We had something similar where we were tasked with coming up with a QA team vision statement. I’m the lead of a team of two (myself and one other person) so while we didn’t have a day away, we spent some time asking questions such as what are the goals of our testing team? How do those goals work within your organization? What do you do day to day and what are the things you say are important to the testing team that you would tell to someone who just started they need to make sure they’re doing?
I also looked around for principles of ideas I believe in (e.g Agile, modern testing) as well as our company values and thought about how to incorporate all of these things together. It produced a vision statement and 3 objectives.
In the end, our vision statement was:
Act as a testing and knowledge resource for (our organization), promoting processes that maximize the intended value of our product to customers and stakeholders while minimizing risk and disruption to its development.

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I’m in the process of doing something similar. After reading “Leading Quality” by Ronald Cummings-John and Owais Peer, I’m building up a Quality Narrative that I’m going to use. Essentially though, I believe that the QA team goal should be closely aligned to the company vision. If the company vision was something like “We want to be the number one provider of time machine software,” the QA team goal could be something like “Making sure our time machine software is the most robust, maintainable and enjoyable to use.” I like keeping things like this simple.


I prefer the short and punchy, (assuming it fits your organisational approach):

“Providing a safe, controlled and repeatable way to learn about our software deliveries”.

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Hi Robyn,

Sounds awesome! Something incredible happens when a team takes a genuine day out from their day-to-day to explore who they are, what they believe in and where they wanna go.

Are you familiar with Stephen Janaway’s Team Charter blog post? Perhaps it’ll trigger some ideas:

Collaboratively setting a vision for the team is super powerful. This is the ultimate thing you and your colleagues want to become. Not how you’ll get there – just the “what” and “why”. And then setting a mission defines how you might get there – the “how”. I’ve found it helps if a mission statement is timely & grouped by phases. Vision and mission statements tend to be more useful if aligned with a bigger picture part of the organisation.

I’ve also run sessions where we start with individual values. Folks silently write down personal values which are important to them. Then collectively share and affinity group. Might be a nice way to kick things off to amplify empathy and understanding of each other before diving in with a vision and mission statement.

Hope it goes well!

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