Test Automation as a Service Team with Jarsto van Santen & Jurian Jilderda

Next up to the TestBash Netherlands stage, we’ve got @jvsanten and @jurian

If you’ve got questions for Jarsto and Jurian about the talk, add them here :point_down:

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Access the Q&A Session at 3:30 PM here:

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Fantastic talk!!! Can you share what tool(s) have you used to record your presentation? Fantastic production skills!

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Are there any disadvantages to automation and development using the same coding languages?

Do you think all testers need to know how to code or how can they add value in other ways?


Did your management immediately see the value of this team or did it need a lot of convincing to get budget/resources? And do you have tips on how to make the value/ROI more clear?


Great talk! I’m sorry if you mentioned this and I missed it, but is there a way of accessing the java course if someone doesn’t work there?

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Interesting take on the challenge. First question I have is how many of you were there?
If you were few, how did you manage staying out of the “pressure cooker” that is management asking for utilisation of your team?

All those nice things take time …
Anyway! Congrats! :slight_smile:


Hajo Dekhuijzen asked

only api and unit testing? How about client side in-browsers logic? How about UI testing, to see if the buttons and input fields are actually hooked up?