Test Ideas for a Login Screen

(Paul) #22

Thanks! Very nice of you to say so. It’s not that impressive, just some stuff I did to prepare for a conference talk back in May.

(Viv) #23

Loved this little hobby idea @paulmaxwellwalters , it really got me thinking this evening. It works pretty good but I need to do a bit more work to it - you can view my rough and ready effort here https://github.com/vivrichards600/ValidationMonkey

(Paul) #24

Hey Viv, I haven’t tried it but it looks really promising on the surface. I have forked it and want to get involved so if there is any way I can help on this project, please let me know!

(Viv) #25

Please feel free to dig in and refactor/add functionality etc - the more the merrier :slight_smile:

(Vishal Dutt) #26

Testing of login page is vast task, we can add more scenarios as per experience in testing but most of the software testing services perform the below mentioned aspects:

Basic Aspects:

Input valid User-name & Password and click ‘Log-in’ or click ‘Enter’.
Input valid User-name & Invalid Password and vice-versa.
Input both invalid User-name and Password.
Add Valid User-name but leave Password blank and vice-versa.
Click ‘remember me’ field and log-in then log-out and refresh the page.

Deeper Aspect:

Add a valid User-name or Password preceded by one or more blank spaces.
Check the User-name as well as Password is case sensitive.
Check Password should be Asterisk symbols.
Check Log-in and Password accept Symbols (we should do testing with symbols)
Check for extra characters before and after the Valid User-name and Password.
Check for multiple log-ins with different accounts on same browsers.
Verify Login screen got locked for a user after particular set of unsuccessful tries.
Verify locked user account get reactivated after particular time.

Technical Aspects:

Check for Character input limit for both User-name and Password fields.
Try all scenarios for different browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc).
Check by Delay your actions while entering User-name and Password.
Try to manipulate URL and try to redirect the post Log-in page.

Others Aspects:

All elements are displaying correctly and should be functional.
The Error message should be correctly displayed while adding invalid User-name or Password.

Hope this information is useful and you can come to in case need more information.

(Heather) #27

Saw this today, could bring a new set of ideas