Proposing The Case For Alternative Authentication Methods

I saw a post on Hacker Noon called How do you authenticate, mate? I reflected on a previous post Test Ideas for a Login Screen.

I thought, the ideas there are good, they’re really good! But how about before that, how about testing or advocating for the users at the design phase.

My question to you is: have you ever had to advocate for an alternative authentication method to the one your company was currently using? What proposals did you put forward to back up your suggestions?

Alternatively, have you ever had the situation of a blank canvas project where you could choose any authentication method you wanted? How did you make the decision? (If you can talk about it of course)

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Use OAuth for public facing sites and Active Directory Federation internally in the organisation. Really – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. To the end user and even the Product Owner logging in is just a stepping stone…

I just want to log in, and then I’m done for the day
Said no user ever.

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