Test Leader Assessment

Hi does any of you know or run assessments for the test managers in your organisation?


could you elaborate on your context so we can help you better?
what is a test manager to you? someone who leads the testing activity or someone who is the boss of testers?
the assessment focus is what you are being promoted and appreciated for as a team. Try to angle it towards something tangible business benefit, not bean counting of tests and bugs. all though its hard - not everything that can be measured counts.


What aspects do you want to assess them?

Hi Jesper,
Test Manager to me is someone who can manage E2E testing lifecycle.
From involvement in the pre-sales phase to requirement analysis , estimations on tools and resources, team hiring and set up, manage test executions , defects and metrics and also act as point of contact for test members working along for all technical and non technical support, and finally responsible for demo and client acceptance and delivery.
The Assessment that I am looking forward is the a framework of questionnaire that can help us decide who the best fit for a role.