Test Strategy and Test Planning for PowerPlatform/Dynamics 365 Project where vendor creates the product for Client

Hello Everyone,

I need help creating the Test Strategy and Test Plan for a project where a vendor will create the product and deliver it to the client. The project is a PowerPlatform Project where most of the features will be created using Model-Driven apps and Canvas Apps. I need the best approach for the test strategy and test plan.

The plan and strategy should cover Unit Testing, Functional Testing, and Regression Testing, which will be automated by the client. I need Test Reports and results to be documentize

I am using Jira as test management tool.

Hello Sanjot, Welcome to the MoT :drama_queen: Community.

I am aware of how it works but haven’t tested the Microsoft Power Platform/ Dynamic 365 to give the best approach for your query. I would leave it up to our fellow testers in the community who are experienced in this to give their thoughts on this.

But recently as part of our 30-days-of-ai-in-testing I have learnt how to write effective prompts. I’ve converted your query into an effective prompt & given to ChatGPT and the response is as below:

I’m feeling this might be a little helpful at least in this initial steps. Kindly ignore it if it doesn’t helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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