Test Team Meeting

(Charlotte) #1

Hi All,

I have ran a few test team meetings with my team however they were a little flat. My team work in individual development teams therefore don’t actually work together so the most recent meetings have been a around the room of what they have been working on and any interesting bugs they may have found.

However that’s going to get boring fast. I need some Ideas of how to make my testers feel more like a team where they knowledge share and discuss what they have been working on. Meetings are 4 weekly currently. I’d apricate any ideas you may have!

(Joe) #2

Hello Charlotte!

What a great opportunity to get a sense of multiple projects from tester’s point of view!

I would be curious to learn how testers are advocating for ideas and concepts that improve testability, improve collaboration, or how they are helping other testers. In my opinion, these kinds of topics can help testing teams build credibility for their services.


(Charlotte) #3

Thanks for you ideas of topics Joe. I’ll see how I can incorporate some of these into our team meetings. Any other ideas are most welcome!

(George) #4

Hi Charlotte,

Can the testers review what they have in common in their respective teams? Are they seeing similar process issues? Tool needs? Can they share solutions to problems that they encounter? I would try to make the meeting time useful to the testers in their current assignments. They probably have good ideas for the agenda. And, of course, a meeting that just wastes time is worse than none.

Good Luck!

(João Farias) #5

Invite developers - surprise things can come from their point of view.
Sending people to conferences and getting experience reports presentations is a nice strategy too.

(Charlotte) #6

Absolutely agree with the a meeting that just wastes time is worse than none.
I really like your suggestions! I’ll give them a go with the team in the coming months!

Thanks Again

(Charlotte) #7

What a good idea to bring Dev’s into the meeting. I think sending people to conferences is good however I have to be careful around cost for this. on the other hand experience presentations are a great way to increase knowledge sharing across the team!