TestBash Australia 2018: Meetup waiting list

Hi everyone out in the testing universe :grinning:

Unfortunately I was late putting my name to the Thursday night catch up, which puts me on the wait list for a very popular event.

Is there anyone out there who is attending on TestBash that would like to catch up on Thursday anytime for a coffee or a bite to eat?

I am staying at this great little hotel a couple of streets off the venue which has an excellent cafe for a breakfast meetup where we can trade war stories with solutions as I am the single tester within a highly technical development team. Which means I need to talk tester talk lol…

Or dinner somewhere local but is quite enough to have great conversations about testing and our futures.

Reach out to me here and I will pass on all my details. If you want to know a little more about me here’s a link to my blog - not so technical more about situations I have encountered on my journey. https://testingsoftwarerecipes.blog/

Hope to chat soon cheers Kim

Hey Kim, I have a ticket for that meetup with a +1. That is supposingly my sister, but she does not care about testing as much as some others. Want to be my +1 when I tell her to roam the city without me? :slight_smile:

wow you are an awesome lifesaver… thank you so very much let me send you a pm with my details