TestBash Brighton 2022 Cancellation and TestBash UK

Delivering bad news always feels rubbish. Sadly we’ve had to cancel TestBash Brighton 2022.

You can find out why – and what’s next – on this news item.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support. Feel free to ask any questions on this thread or via hello@ministryoftesting.com.



Don’t be so hard on yourself Simon, physical conferences are getting postponed/cancelled all over the world due to Covid, which is a bit sad since live conferences have a certain charm, you get to travel a bit, spend time in sweet hotels and best of, in-person networking with interesting people.

I submitted a talk for a local conference about 2.5 years ago and the conference just keeps getting postponed, I really hope this Covid business will end one day!


Thanks for sharing, @mirza. Appreciate your support.

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@richard_club and @mwinteringham jumped on a live stream and shared updates on TestBash Brighton being cancelled and plans for TestBash UK and TestBash World. You can watch the reply at: