TestBash Careers 2022 - AMA with Srinivas Murthy

In this session, hosted by @gwendiagram, @srinivas1 answers questions about Careers from our attendees live on the Main Stage.

Srinivas Murthy works as a Principal Consultant for more than 14 years across various industries, domains, cultures and regions. Through these various roles, Srinivas has a strong influence on where the QA community can be taken to within the organisation at a global level and is hoping to share some of this knowledge with people outside the organisation and hopefully help people make an impact.

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.


Questions Answered Live

  1. @conorfi - What key skills should testers focus on, that will future proof their careers?
  2. Anonymous - How do you ask for the salary if it’s not in the job description?
  3. @fullsnacktester - I find reviewing my progress and performance very hard. Any tips for how to communicate your progress as you grow, so managers can consider you for promotion?
  4. @simon_tomes - It sounds like you have some excellent models for career progression, have you (or ThoughtWorks) published any of those?
  5. Anonymous - Should you only apply for roles in which you fulfil every item in the job description?
  6. @simon_tomes - What does the process look like for your graduate program? (sorry if I misheard if such a program doesn’t exist)
  7. @conorfi - Any thoughts on what are the key topics to discuss in a 1:1?
  8. @fullsnacktester - How can Testers grow their career, without switching to Automation or SDET roles?
  9. Anonymous - How do you assess testing skills in an interview if it’s a manual/exploratory testing role (rather than automation)?
  10. @fullsnacktester - How get the most out of “Meet the team” stages of interviews?
  11. Anonymous - What has kept you growing and learning in the same role for 14 years?
  12. @gwendiagram - Are you hiring?

Questions Not Answered Live

  1. @conorfi - What key skills should testers focus on, that will future proof their careers?
  2. @dianadromey - A lot of companies ask for a cover letter to support a job application - In your opinion, what would make one stand out from the rest?
  3. @ajwilson - How do you check the language of your job adverts/profiles to ensure it is genderless and inclusive?
  4. @bethtesterleeds - If you are experienced and consider yourself good at interviewing others, is this something worth highlighting on your cv/at the interview?
  5. Anonymous - Any tips to identify the right candidate during CV or interview. There are lots of different people and areas of test and quality
  6. Anonymous - What are some good approaches to giving feedback when requested from candidates that don’t seem to have understood the role they have applied for.
  7. @kika - Thoughtworks looks like a cool place to work! What are the areas the company focuses on to manage employee attrition?