TestBash Germany 2019 Blog Posts

Once again, our live blogger @alex_schl did a wonderful job of live blogging on the conference day which you can check out here on The Club.

Over the weekend I’ve found some blog posts and sketch notes from the attendees.

Check out the companion blog post to the opening talk from @cassandrahl

Sketchnotes from @lisihocke

and a blog post from Lisi

The absolute mic drop 99-second poem from @alex_schl

Our very own @friendlytester gave a 99-second talk

Have you written a blog about your time at TestBash Germany? Why not share it here :slight_smile:


Please take a look at my article about my experience at TestBash Germany as a newcomer.
Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


Great read, I’m glad you had a good time :grinning:

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