TestBash Home: What One Thing Are You Still Doing?

What’s a new thing you took on since TestBash Home last year that you have kept going?

Maybe a habit you developed or a new approach to work that you were inspired to try :bulb: Maybe something as seemingly small as the act of reacting with a heart emoji daily to a post or giving someone a compliment :heart:


In 2019, I went to many conferences, my first time ever, I saw people sketchnoting. I keep it in mind, I find it also in testbash home by @Louise_J_Gibbs !
I decided to learn more about it, I’m not doing it frequently but I improved my note taking, and I even ordred a book about that topic.
I felt the added value and how better I understand a talk when I visualize ideas.


Great to hear this Emna! I picked up sketchnoting too and I’ve been really enjoying visualising some of the sessions I have attended :grin:

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I was a long time Club lurker, and it was TestBash Home that led to me being much more active on here.

I’m so glad I did.

The Club is a truly wonderful resource and now I habitually check-in. I also try and contribute where I can.


Seriously, @christovskia, our community is much better for the fact that you engage/contribute so much on the Club! :pray: Cool to hear it was TestBash Home that helped.


Hmm. An idea just popped in, @christovskia.

:bulb:Perhaps there’s a meta thread to start: “What do you get out of contributing on this here Club?” What do you think?


Definitely a thread that would be an interesting read


The last TestBash was the start of a lot of things for me. I joined twitter and have kept on using it. I have become more involved in the test community and joining in the discussions here. Inspired to start speaking more and helping others!