Join the ReTestBash Reflection Community

:point_right: Learnt something at TestBash?
:point_right: Trying it at your workplace?
:point_right: A bit stuck and unsure what to do next?

Join the ReTestBash Reflection Community and level up your skills. It starts here on The Club.

  1. Visit the TestBash Category and ReTestBash tag page
  2. Select “+ New Topic”
  3. Add the title “Help me <(name)> with my ReTestBash Reflection”
  4. Copy and paste the following questions
  1. What TestBash talk/workshop/activity inspired you to try something at your workplace?
  2. What have you tried at your workplace so far and what have you discovered in the process? Please share actual examples.
  3. What are you stuck on? What’s holding you back from moving forward with implementing your learnings? What sort of help do you think you need?
  1. Answer the questions as best as you can. Try not to overthink, just go for it. People can reply to clarify the information.
  2. Select “+ Create Topic” (Note you might receive a warning for a duplicate title so include your name so you can post it)
  3. See who replies, continue the conversation and take action. :muscle:

Note, this thread is closed to encourage people to start their own thread and not reply. This initiative is very much still active. :zap:

Any questions send a message to me here or via email

I hope you can find some answers and explore ideas. Good luck!