TestBash Netherlands: Post-TestBash Meetup

:beers: Beer & Cheese Tasting :cheese:

The beer and cheese tasting Post-TestBash Meetup is part of TestBash Netherlands Online 2020. To participate you will need to register for TestBash Netherlands as it will start straight after the conference, at 6:30 PM (Dutch Time) on the 16th of October 2020.

Buy the beers and cheeses for yourself and join the Dutch Beer Connoisseurs in a fun after-party.
Don’t worry if you don’t have access to these recommended beers and cheeses, just join in with whatever you can!

You can buy the beers and cheeses at any big Albert Heijn or any other supermarket in the Netherlands. Hopefully, they are for sale outside the Netherlands too?!

We have selected 3 Dutch and 1 Belgium beer together with 4 kinds of cheese that fit perfectly with the selected beers.

:beers: Beer Menu

  1. Jopen, Mooie Nel, IPA (6,5%)
  2. De Koningshoeve, La trappe blond, Blonde (6,5%)
  3. Bosteels, Tripel Karmeliet, Tripel (8,4%)
  4. Hertog-Jan, Grand prestige, Barley Wine (10,0%)

:cheese: Cheese Menu

  1. Old Crumbly Gouda cheese
  2. Emmental
  3. Extra Matured Goat Cheese
  4. Old Crumbly Gouda Cheese (also pairs perfectly with dark chocolate minimum 70%)

Learn about beer and beer brewing while enjoying nice combos of beer and cheese! Oh and don’t forget to use the #TestBashBeerCheese!

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Have you bought your beer and cheese yet folks?

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I did! And some nice dark 75% chocolate too!

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