TestBash Revisited Watch Party - Episode #12

It’s back to regular viewing with our next watch party on 1st February @ 3:30pm GMT and this time we’re learning about testing in production with a talk by Jon Hare-Winton entitled Testing in Production - dangerous, scary or better Testing production can sometimes make testers feel a bit icky, so hopefully Jon can help us feel better about it and get testing in our own production environments.

As always the party is hosted on Crowdcast, and you can sign up here:


What is the Watch party?

Each week I will pick a TestBash talk from the archives, stream it via Crowdcast and then have a discussion. It’ll help DojoBoss to better curate each talk, gives you the opportunity to learn and share. Plus we all get to have a good old chat afterwards!

The event is free to attend all you need to do is head to the Crowdcast link below and sign up:


NOTE: This is a live event only, the session will not be recorded.