TestBash SF 2019... Live Blogging

So life throws you all sorts of new challenges, and as a new papa I need to learn to embrace them. A last minute change has me suddenly volunteered as your TestBash Friendly Neighborhood Live Blogger.

Disclaimer: I’m gonna suck, but you get what you pay for.

But Live is live… and here we go. Also, be gentle. This will honestly suck.


First Slack dark mode, now this :smiley: wanted to express my thanks Martin, have had a read through some of this today and it’s awesome.

You must be a better note-taker than me to have both digested the info and got it down in this level of detail.


Thank you so much, Martin. I really appreciate you stepping in to help with my mistake :O.

On the bright side, I am here today so you can chill and do your thing :).


Having read your live blogs, I have to give honest feedback now.

You didn’t suck. I enjoyed reading your blogs a lot. Even more, I learned something and have brand new rabbit holes to run down based on your interpretation of other people’s presentations.

So for that, thank you!

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I’m just now catching up on my TestBash notes. Thank you Michael and Martin for doing a great job of Live Blogging!

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