TestBash Spring 2023 - Harness the Power of Debugging! - Kiruthika Ganesan

During TestBash Spring, @kika gave a talk on Harness the Power of Debugging!

We’ll use this Club thread to keep the conversation going, share resources and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.


Questions Answered Live

@fullsnacktester - What is your Twitter Handle, and why is it @KikaKnowsTest?

@cristiano.cunha - Logs sometimes are not useful as they have too many information to process. What is your advice on what to log and when?

@kbuettner - How much coding background did you have when starting into debugging?

@nickyipee - Is Kika a developer or Tester?

Anonymous - Chrome goes wild and says “You are only allowed one Dev Tool tab for the next week!” what would it be?

@evap - You mentioned you are also using debugging on issues outside the codebase, that sounds super interesting. Can you please give an example?

Anonymous - What’s a funny thing you’ve seen in a log? A little “easter egg” or happy accident left by someone.

Anonymous - Can you clarify what are the 5 WHYs you use?

Questions Not Answered Live

@natm - Do you have any tips of keeping calm when debugging a really high priority issue in production in a high pressure environment?

@karentestsstuff - What does a typical report contain, when you find an issue through debugging? In what ways can it develop better relationships with others on your team?

Anonymous - Where can we learn the debugging skills for automation ion IntelliJ or any other such tools. Could be very helpful for all the testers

@glchea - How much debugging effort / time should a QA invest in before raising a issue with a dev?

@pauladonegan - Do you also test vulnerabilities in the code using the source and open bugs for those?

@andrewisme - Do you think every successful debugging session should follow with a retrospective session for learning/documentation/actionable items?