Testing as a service - how to create a testing form for testers

I’m trying to create a testing request form to be filled by developers and handed over to black box testers.
trying to get a list of questions the developers should answer before handing it over to the testers, looking for templated questions something like “I did X on Y and you’ll see A”.
any thoughts?

Are your testers and developers not working from a common set of requirements? If so, even keeping it black box, the testers are expecting X thing to happen.

The devs may be able to clarify the ways to achieve X, but if it isn’t intuitive, won’t the end users not know how to do X either?

What’s making the testers have to black box it?
Is it down to a lack of technical ability?
Not wanting them to be influenced by the code?
More user testing than integration testing?


Hi Omer
This depends on what you are trying to accomplish longer term. I currently favor QA processes that the whole team owns, so any gates or handover rules we create, merely build a wall to chuck stuff over. Fine if you outsource the test work.

Outsourced test cases need to be written in a language the contractors understand. Asking devs to write in that language is probably not scaleable. Any work done to create requirements in a style testers understand could be wasted long term if requirements change , and just become a burden that anyone who outsources has to cost into their time scales. I, would be asking about integration testing goals, as a magical phrase to break the bubble on this team.

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Thanks for the replies!
Let me give more context, I work in a project that the only QA is me and I serve as a consultant. The code quality is totally the responsibility of the developers and they write automated tests for their features. However, as we all know, this is not enough so we hired a testing company to perform manual testing per request of the developers. These testers don’t have access to our back end and they aren’t tech savvy so they do black box testing. We provide them with any documentation we have (which is not a lot) and mock design when available.
I would like to have a check list for the developers to fill when handing a new feature for testing.

Hi Omer,
With limited documentation, it sounds like your company is adopting an Agile methodology, but for that you need the individuals and interactions to have a high value.
The expectations should be coming from a BA and not the developers, as there could be issues with how the requirements have been interpreted.
I can understand wanting to have a set list of details that the tester’s get, but getting this from the devs may reduce the scope for testing.

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