Testing Ask Me Anything - Testing Tools with Mirza Sisic

Later today @testerfromleic hosts an Ask Me Anything with the brilliant @mirza, on Testing Tools.

They’ll be an excellent set of questions and typically we won’t get time for them to be answered. However, we’ll add any questions we didn’t get to on this thread for Mirza to answer. Plus I’ll share links to all the things shared. :ninja_green:

And feel free to continue the conversation, this thread is an excellent place to do that. Share resources and follow up with success stories from your learnings! :trophy:

A recording of the Ask Me Anything will be made available. Look out for it on the Ask Me Anything Page in the coming days. :movie_camera:


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  • Is it good to use/learn paid testing tools- Or is always better to get experience in open source -is a best option ?
  • How you do you convince those in and outside of your team that we should use [this tool]?
  • Do you know if there are any popular low-code/no-code open-source projects being worked on by the community? Worried about the vendor lock-in when committing to using such commericial platforms/tools
  • Best tool to automate testing UI on a Windows Desktop application.
  • What tool a tester should never ever learn? :wink:
  • What is the best resource to quickly learn Selenium?
  • What are some of the criteria you use when you evaluate tools?
  • What are your favorite non-automation tools? For example, for accessibility or localization testing?
  • Do you use additional tools to create test data?
  • Which testing tools would you suggest learning at the beginning of QA career?
  • What did you once try with a tool that you now look back on and it makes you cringe?
  • Talking about the solid process in your current company - any good test management tools/books/courses or methods you could recommend for a software testing pipeline?
  • How to choose a tool? My favorite technique for choosing a tool is a weighted decision matrix. Get demos to populate the data.
  • If interviewing tool testerswhat skills /behaviours do you look for?
  • Is the ISTQB certificate worth the effort and money ?
  • Do see a convergence in tooling? e.g. everyone using the same tools for UI automation, perf testing, assertion matchers etc.
  • Is there a question regarding testing tools you wished someone had asked, but hasn’t yet?
  • How much coding knowledge is required for an automation position?
  • Have you tried Model based testing? If so, any tool recommendations to implement this kind of testing?
  • Do you have experience in the implementation of a BBD framework? In which cases is the effort worthwhile?
  • What is your opinion of record and play automation tools?

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Questions marked as unanswered

  1. Any tips for reviewing new tools ?
  2. Any tool suggestions for database automation testing?

I’d do some research on the tool, first off to see how easy it is to get started with the tool:

  • How good is the official documentation
  • Does the tool have an active community of users
  • How long the tool has been around
  • Ask for opinions from your team members - this can also provide you with useful insight
  • Try to find people how used the tool already and talk to them
  • Analyse your needs (and the needs of your project) to see if the tool meets those needs
  • Does it integrate well with existing tools - if this is required
  • Trial and error - you learn the most about a tool by trying it on in action. Use it to try to solve a real-time problem you are having at work

In companies I’ve worked in so far the DB testing was done by the DB Admins and/or the DevOps teams.
However, I was always curious about that kind of testing and I’ve done research in the past - just in case someone in the future asks me to preform testing on a database.

The xUnit family of testing frameworks has extensions for doing database testing - for example JUnit has the DbUnit extension which can be used for testing relations databases using Java. Microsoft (SQL Server) and Oracle (Oracle SQL Developer) also have DB testing functionality built into their tools.

For no-tabular databases, like Mongo, there is NoSQLUnit which also relies on JUnit. There are plenty of other DB testing tools to take a look at, here’s a handy article on that topic.

There were a few questions in the AMA which I wanted to get back to and add a few more details to my answers, I’ll do that once the recording is available.