Testing for International Software Regulations

Been put in charge of a test initative and am trying to locate resources for my company.

We sell into multiple markets around the world (i.e. Europe/NA/Asia) and am attempting to put together testing guidance for our QA/Developers.
In an effort to change their understanding that ‘making it work in English (US)’ is all we need.

Am putting together the certification documentation - at least what a good Google comes up with - on the GB18030 standard, but am a bit unsure of how the process works.

Anyone else out there have references on this standard or others around the world?

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I imagine most people hire companies to provide this information. International companies often have multiple legal teams to deal with software standards, data processing, data protection, content legality, copyright and trademark, laws for sales, tax, returns policies, advertising and so on.

In Europe the latest interesting legal concerns in force are around GDPR which is enforced for companies outside the EU that provide services or monitor data within the EU. Non-compliance can cost your company 4% of your annual global turnover.