Testing in Multi-Regional Environments

Someone today asked on the Testers.chat slack group

Anyone has experience with testing in multi-regional environment. For instance, you have several data centers and users hitting specific regions, what challenges are to be considered?

with a follow-up of

Chaos testing is very straightforward in regards to multi-regional setup. But what about other automated checks, API, for instance. If you have several Jenkins setups, or one only to serve more regions. Different VPN zones, etc.

One member of the group who previously worked for New Relic posted

Synthetics does this really. You chose your testing locations and it’ll monitor those endpoints every x amount of time with results showing a breakdown of how it performs. I know its got a pretty bad reputation for its price but it may be similar to what you’re asking about? https://newrelic.com/products/synthetics - I believe thousand eyes is similar too (I’ve no hands on with the latter but I do with the former) https://www.thousandeyes.com/network-monitoring

The original poster then followed up with:

Thanks, this is more of monitoring and tooling. I was thinking of experience, approaches :slightly_smiling_face:. What makes things different when your service is distributed across the regions, what does it mean for your tests, etc

So over to you wonderful Club posters, what advice or experience would you share with this person?

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