Testmo test management beta registration

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share that we are opening beta registrations for our new unified testing tool Testmo today. Here’s the full announcement and registration:

We have been working on Testmo for quite some time and we are excited to finally reveal our new project and get feedback from the testing community. Any feedback or questions appreciated!




Looks promising, I could give it a try sometime in the near future.

But I don’t see a button to register, just to subscribe to get to updates? Am I missing it?

Also, when will your pricing plans become available?

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Hi Mirza,

Thanks! Yes, simply subscribe to the newsletter and we will automatically email you in a few weeks when we open the beta. The pricing will be announced around the same time. And I can already say that Testmo will be priced very fair, so it compares very favorable to other tools.