The TestSphere Selfie corner

(Beren) #1

With the first TestSphere sighting in Germany the ‘Global spread of TestSphere decks’ has begun.
We couldn’t be more excited!

To celebrate the sending and receiving of TestSphere, we want to share and gather as many TestSphere Selfies as possible!

If you’re a proud receiver of a TestSphere deck, spread the joy and post a selfie. :slight_smile:

(Bram) #2

Another happy customer. :slight_smile:

(Marcel) #3

Our order arrived last Friday… every new tester in the team shall have one! :grinning:

(Paul) #4

Me with some of the 33 Test Sphere decks we ordered. :slight_smile:

(Peter) #5

No selfie, but special preparation for that working day: Testsphere, hand-drawn presentation and the customer, employee and user control tool aka. Nerf-gun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Usual office equipment at my company.

(stephen) #6

A nerf gun is an essential tool in tester / developer interaction.

(Matthias) #7

Our decks arrived at Frankfurt! :star_struck:

(Aine) #8

Do you mind if I post this on our Instagram feed? Are you on Instagram? I can make sure to tag you.

(Marcel) #10

Nice picture, Matthias. :slight_smile:

I hope 5 are enough for starters in Frankfurt.
Currently, you have more than I have left in Munich. :joy: