Tips For Blogging?

Back when I first started blogging, @simon_tomes proofread a blog for me and gave me some advice that has stuck with me to this day:

Split your blog out using headings.

Once I did this, I could instantly see the value that brings. It gives the reader the opportunity to scan the blog quickly to see if the headings grab them. It also helps divide up focus the way you’d like people to focus on certain aspects within the post. Not to mention helping people see where they left off if they got distracted reading it (obviously you hope they won’t but it can happen).

What tips do you have for others who blog?


I need to remember that one, “Headings!!”.

I am a terrible writer, almost failed English, so I don’t write much, but one thing I do know. Always include an image, and don’t insert the image until you have most of the content in.

Not sure how helpful this is, but have multiple blogs, for multiple audiences or topics. Separate tech and work from your hobbies, and separate those from your political or rant blog. You can guess which one gets more posts.


I’ve not been blogging long, but I agree that we should structure the content so people have navigate easily. Same approach I take with documentation really. Have headings some people can get to the bit they care about.

And probably most important thing for me has been “to just try it”. Writing has helped me think about things I’ve done and take something useful out of it (useful for me months down the line possibly). If other people like it then that’s a win all round.


To get the habit going I set a schedule to regularly write a least something. One small thing is better than none. Now 8 years later I have 240+ posts. :slight_smile:

Another tip is to use tags and link between posts that relate to each other. I often find themes that come back. But also that I start writing something I have previously written :see_no_evil:


There might be 7 basic story plots for blogposts. If you’re lost for ideas, pick one you fancy


@jesper , those 7 plots are exactly the kind of posts I don’t read very often. Always inspiring though. Always good to have a technique to break the writers block. I actually prefer to read articles that dip go into and out of technical detail about a foreign technology, so I learn a new technique or mindset. Normally requires that you overcome a technical hurdle and find a way to write about the tech details in a blog right after it happened.

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I find that having a really great title that is straight to the point really works to catch the attention of your readers. Just to add to what others have already mentioned, make sure you are telling a story and the paragraphs flow :slight_smile:


For blogging I use a combination of mind mapping and Fieldstones. Jerry Weinberg describes Fieldstones as bricks of the story. This can be memories or facts. For me it is the task to make a decent wall of a story.

Here is an example of the process of writing an actual blog post. For the people who like word plays it is meta blogging: blogging about blogging.

The actual blog post is:

A few years ago I had a story about my preparations for a workshop for Testbash Netherlands. And I really liked to add some jokes in it. Because that’s me.

Ha, of these jokes, the last one was the only one that worked for me. Jokes have a language. And unless you are good at the rehearsal to death of them bit, that just one is enough if all it does is dislodge the audience. :grinning:

My tip (to myself, largely) would be this.


Also think an informal style with good storytelling works best for blogs.

Be yourself, and write as if you were telling a friend something.