Twitter Spaces 1: It's Tough to Talk Testing. Time to Fix That!

Tomorrow, @simon_tomes and I will host our first Ministry of Testing Twitter Spaces on the topic:

It’s Tough to Talk Testing. Time to Fix That!

We’ll explore how we communicate testing and it’s value. RSVP here if you think you’ll be joining us :grin:

MoT Twitter Spaces_CLUB Large


Looks like this session and Help us build a curriculum for SDETs and beyond are running at the same time.

Not necessarily an issue, and audiences might be different anyway. More just an FYI.

I’m liking the experimentation with different things too. :+1:


I’m in there, is there a way to write something? :stuck_out_tongue: (new to this twitter space)
I’m connected on the web (not on the smartphone :frowning: )


Hey @kristof ,

Thanks for joining. There is currently no way to write something other than the host tweeting within a space and you replying to that tweet. I think.

One thing we’d love to encourage is live note-taking, and collaborative at that. We imagine one-day creating place (maybe a Google Doc) where folks can just brain dump what they hear in however they interpret it. A cool way to see how folks listen to stuff.

I’ve been on another type of event where we collaboratively took notes and it was super powerful to see what others wrote in realtime.