Two Heads Are Better Than One: The Benefits of Pair Testing Across Disciplines

Anneliese Herbosa has just written an article for Ministry of Testing titled “Two Heads Are Better Than One: The Benefits of Pair Testing Across Disciplines”.

In the article, Anneliese poses two discussion points which are perfect for The Club :wink: :

  • How do you encourage pair testing as a practice in your own team and workplace?

  • From your own experience, are there any paired partnership combinations that have pleasantly surprised you and have ended up reaping positive results? Who has become your favourite pair working buddy? Share your success stories with peers on The Club.

I haven’t pair tested, but I think it’s a good idea. I stumbled across this related article yesterday:

Group vs Individual Web Accessibility Evaluations: Effects with Novice Evaluators

According to their experiment, when a group of 20 novice evaluators worked in pairs to review their individual assessments, they were 8% more likely to identify all the true problems.

Perhaps a group setting forces us to properly justify our opinions. The result could be that the assessment is more effective in persuading stakeholders to take action. In that case, the ‘inefficient’ use of extra manpower would be offset by this ‘effectiveness’.

It makes you wonder why so many employers focus on efficiency rather than effectiveness.

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I have some good experiences.

Tester - Tester
Some test result are ambiguous. Some test cases require many steps not only just ‘click’, but using terminal to run scripts. I paired with my co-tester to execute tests. We discuss about the results whether they are suspicious or fine. We divided the test role as performer and watcher. I ran test scripts, he watched the results. And we talk about what paths need to ‘explore’.

Tester - programmer

  • To perform tests, I needed to communicate with programmer to receive informations.
    I asked to set a particular state and how to perform myself. While I work with her, she gave me more informations and it made me to expand knowledges about our product. It derived an idea to automate some test scenarios which I haven’t planed from beginning.

We need more communications :slight_smile:

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