Violate Data Format Rules - Featured TestSphere Card

One hundred cards. One hundred Test-related concepts.
Here on the club, we’ll feature a card from the TestSphere deck for people to write their stories about every month.

I challenge you:
Take a few minutes to think about your experiences with the featured card.

What bugs have you found that are related? Which ones have you missed?
How have you tackled testing for this concept?
What made it difficult or more easy?
What have you learned? What can others learn from your experience?

Take one of those experiences and put it to prose.
Telling your stories is as valuable to yourself as it is to others.

This is one of my favourite TestSphere anecdotes.
In the first print of TestSphere there was a bug. It took us months to figure it out.
Furthermore, the card that triggered the bug is actually the same concept that describes the type of bug.

Violate Data Format Rules is the longest title we have as for as Testing Concepts in TestSphere.
Because it’s so long, for the first print, the ‘Rules’ part, fell of the card and jumped on the next. Looking like this:
2%20Heuristics17 2%20Heuristics18

Rules took the place of the card ‘Too many’. ‘Too Many’ took the place of ‘Useful Approximations’ and ‘Useful Approximations’ just fell off the deck.

And so, the card that describes the violating of data format rules, violated it’s own data format rules.

What’s your story?