Visual regression testing with Diffy

I am a founder of Diffy ( It is a visual regression testing tool that takes complete screenshots of web pages and compare them. So you could easily compare your Dev environment with Staging. Or even your custom build for pull request with baseline set of images.

Our main differentiators with other tools are:

  • no need to write code in order to start the test
  • custom algorithm to compare images. It recognizes vertical shifts. So you if you had little shift in a header diff won’t looks like complete page in red.
  • thumbnails reports. You can easily fly through all results in a few seconds instead of seeing long list of pass/fail results.
  • CI integrations with our powerful REST API

From open source solutions I think we are closer to BackstopJS or Wraith but richer in features and hosted in the cloud (more performant).

I am looking for a feedback from testing community. Happy to give away extended trial accounts if needed.

How do you use visual regression testing on your projects and what tools do you use?

Thanks you.