Watch Party - TestBash Revisited - Episode #14

It’s episode 14 and like the good testers we are, we’re going to do an experiment. For our next Watch Party 15th February @ 3:30pm GMT we’ll be livestreaming on the Ministry of Testing YouTube channel watching a talk by Bas Dijkstra entitled [Who will guard the guards themselves?]( Who Will Guard the Guards Themselves? How to Trust Your | MoT) This is a great talk for anyone looking to learn more about automation and the caution we must take in adopting automation.

Where is the Watch party?

The live stream will be on the Ministry of Testing YouTube channel that can be found here:

Don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell to get a reminder of when the stream will begin

What is the Watch party?

Each week I will pick a TestBash talk from the archives, stream it via Crowdcast and then have a discussion. It’ll help DojoBoss to better curate each talk, gives you the opportunity to learn and share. Plus we all get to have a good old chat afterwards!

The event is free to attend all you need to do is to YouTube, subscribe and hit the bell icon. You’ll get an alert when the next stream is running:

NOTE: This is a live event only, the session will not be recorded.


You can see the livestream here: