Webinar: API & Security Testing **Thursday April 29th,2021**

Hello Everyone!

New Webinar on the way focused on API & Security Testing, In this event, we provide an introduction to simplifying API test automation when you need to incorporate common security standards like OAuth2 and Basic Auth.

We will be reviewing some of the common challenges faced when trying to automate tests that require usage of security tokens.

You will gain an understanding of how to overcome the typical challenges, covering both how to establish the right setup for success and practical examples of how to define and manage automated tests.

We hope to see you there!
Register Link: API & Security Testing using Samurai


@atm - For those who cannot attend live, will you post a recording of this session here or on youtube ?


I was just going to ask the same, already have another evening session but I would love to see it.
So yea looking forward to see the recording :smiley:

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Hello @davecub @kristof,

below the link of the recording from the webinar! Also there will be a new webinar May 20th at 6pm (GMT+1 Time) on Kafka, Schema Registry, REST Proxy, AVRO.

Link to recorded session: Samurai Webinar Series 4. API & Security Testing - YouTube
Link to next webinar: Kafka, Schema Registry, REST Proxy, AVRO automated testing

Hope to see you guys there!

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