What are the activities that occur during software performance testing process?

I want to learn about various activities that occur during software performance testing process.

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For me it’s typing, thinking, moving the mouse, clicking the mouse, sometimes writing in my book, reading the contents of the book, sipping tea or water or occasionally coffee. I sometimes turn on my desk fan. Usually I put on my yellow clipons to prevent eye strain before I start testing but sometimes I do it during the testing. I have been known to nibble on a granary bar.

Out of curiosity why do you want to know the activities that occur during software performance testing process?

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Maybe the 30 Day Performance Testing Challenge will help?

Or A Quick Start Guide To Learning Performance Testing


Software Performance testing is desirable to determine various system parameters to measure the responsiveness and stability of applications under any workload conditions. It also measures and validates the quality attributes in terms of system scalability, response time, Speed, Stability, reliability and resource utilization in a system. In a Software testing company, majorly the performance testing of any application is required to ensure proper functioning of application during different workload scenarios. Without performance testing issues like slowness, usability issue etc. might be there. Timely performance testing not only lower down the percentage of any performance bottlenecks from the system but it also improve the overall application expectation which is desired for effective QA services.

The activities that occur during software performance testing process are as follows:

  1. Identify a testing environment by comparing test and production instances

  2. Identification of the desired performance acceptance criteria

  3. Planning performance tests with different workload scenarios

  4. Test environment configuration

  5. Test design implementation as per test plan and design

  6. Test execution and analyze the resultant data for problem investigation

  7. Performance analysis report generation with all performance attributes like response time. Retesting is also required if any bugs found are fixed.

Based on all test reports data, verify that all test results are accomplishing the specified metrics and thresholds limits are attained means performance testing of a specific scenario is completed. Software Performance testing is quite essential for the success of Software system and it also plays a vital role in STLC (Software testing life cycle).

Hope this information is clear and you can get back to us in case need more information.

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My favourite resource for Performance testing is the book ‘The Art of Application Performance Testing: From Strategy to Tools’ by Ian Molyneaux. You can find a copy here:

What I like about this book is the content on strategy and planning which I feel is still very relevant. I’d highly recommend you grab a copy and give it a read.