What are the API Testing Tools of 2024?

Hello fellow members,

As we delve deeper into the world of API testing, it becomes increasingly important to stay updated with the latest tools and technologies. With 2024 already in full swing, I’m curious to know your thoughts on the top API testing tools that are making waves this year.

After perusing a recent blog discussing the “Top 3 API Testing Tools of 2024,” I’ve come across some interesting options. However, I believe there’s always room for discovery and innovation. Could you please review the mentioned blog and share your thoughts? Additionally, I’m eager to learn about any other tools you may have encountered or utilized in your API testing endeavors.

Let’s share ideas and learn together. What tools have you found useful lately? Let’s keep it simple and help each other stay updated!

Moderator’s EDIT. We’ve removed the link to a testing services website. Let’s keep this about discussions and not about promoting services. Thanks.


Recently, a few people on this forum mentioned Bruno. I had a quick glance, and it looks really promising. I’ve yet have to try it myself


Yeah, it does seem to be getting a lot attention right now.

I know @ashutoshm is a big fan.



I personaly use Postman and i practice on my own at GitHub. I haven’t use any other tool yet and i think that Postman is easy and usefull.

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We are (still) using SoapUI and were starting to migrate to Robot Framework as here we can extend our API tests to E2E tests.