What are the most important questions software testers should ask?

Our questions can often inspire how your products are developed, produce a wealth of tests or inspire a new way to fix an old problem.

What questions do you ask? What is your most valuable question?

These are some of the answers we gathered from Twitter and LinkedIn

Who is the customer?

If this is right, does it work for everyone??

Who can do it? When? And what is meant to happen when they are denied? What if it fails? What if do it twice?.. What if I answer more then one question???


To be honest: ”How are you feeling” and ”What do you need (from me) to do be able to …”

”… And what risks do we have with this?”

“Who else should know about this?”

Did you Commit last night and Pull this morning?

How does this work? (‘work’ as in ‘behaves as it actually does’)

What can we do to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

What’s the real problem for you here?

Did I make the world better or worse today?

What might I be doing wrong here?

Should it …?

Are we sure?

Do you have any questions?


What is your thing?

What problem of the customer does this feature address?

What is the loss to customer and company if we do not have this feature?


How and why?

How is that so… How does that work, how should we approach this… How does the customer use it…

Why do we use this approach, why are we planning now, why can we not use x approach…