What are your experiences with mob testing?

Recently I convinced my team to give it a try before a release and they were really happy and confident in what we were about to ship. The first time I tried mob testing was for a short mobile app contract, several of us would jump on a zoom call with our tablets and test the app.

The session would usually start with people chatting and cracking a few jokes to lighten up. After that, they usually would leave it to the tester to figure out a rough agenda for the mob session. During those sessions, we bounced ideas off each other and found edge cases that single-person testing would miss, or it would take a lot longer to find.

Personally, I wouldn’t use mob testing for checking over every single new feature, but, it works pretty well for pre-release smoke/sanity testing.


Thanks for sharing, @mirza.

Interestingly enough β€œwhen to not use ensemble β€” historically known as mob testing β€” testing” has been discussed via this tweet: https://twitter.com/anja_pnielsen/status/1572829851727314946

Interesting to see folks share that ensemble testing for checklist-style regression testing feels like not the best use of time and effort. Totally makes sense.

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