What are your favorite/most used retrospective on how testing is done for individuals and for the whole team?

I’m curious to know what are the retrospectives that you use the most to “evaluate and ameliorate testing activities” for the team as well as individuals ?

I wanted to share a new thing that I discovered recently, via a new deck of card more details in this racket to animate retrospectives in agile teams and see the maturity of testing activities within the team.

The were 5 or 6 categories in which there are ideas in every card where you inspect if they are already in use or not [Categories: Planification; Test Automation; General Improvements; Active Testing; Testing Spirit ]

I have doubt how to use it in practice with the team ? if we use all the categories maybe we can’t make a short 1 H retrospective unless it’s too general without taking time in all cards.

Shall we focus only on 1 or 2 aspects each time [automation; Planification] and see possible options of improvements or all in one ?


For me it doesn’t matter much but I like to swap things around so people don’t get retro-sick.
I prefer to have different kind of formats every time and the one the like can occur more then once just not in a row.

It creates a certain feeling of “we’ll learn something new today” and people are always attending them fully enthusiastic.

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