What aspects of your context impact your testability?

@friendlytester and I are continuing to develop our learning journey and we have another question we’d like to ask.

“What aspects of your context impact your testability?”

For example, I once worked on a project where the product we developed was third party application that we simply updated with new features. It meant nearly 90% of the product was a black box to us and any changes we made had the risk of breaking core features. It proved difficult to test confidently when new features were introduced.

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Hi Mark & Richard, here are some of my examples - hope it’s like that you had in mind:

Currently, I am doing yet another project – this one is primarily based on Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Functions as Services (FaaS) and creating an API engine/event-driven broker. Everything in the API development is higher-order cloud work. While we can automate most - we have to rely heavily on the cloud provider and API platform services.

Similarly, I was working with a life science company implementing a SaaS document management solution. We had to verify both customer-specific configuration and vanilla features. The SaaS solution would render the HTML with classes as guid’s making classic web automation very hard.

A friend of mine is testing conveyor belts, another is testing rail tunnels - when you move into the physical space though with a heavy software component things get less testable. I guess. Sometimes it’s about how big bets your stakeholder wants to take.

Which reminds me of this: How do you test for climbing up Yosemite’s El Capitan 3000 feet / 900 meters?

In the past, here are some things that have impacted me when it comes to testability

  • Whether or not there are requirements
  • whether there is someone who can act as an oracle who we can direct questions to
  • if we get to choose our testing tools or have to deal with what we’ve got
  • access to logs
  • if we work directly with devs/ can ask them questions easily etc
  • if we have access to the repo
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