What do Testers do with AI and next technology wave

With the advancement in #AI and #Neuroscience … Will there still be laptops, and desktops, tablets, desktop/web applications to test?

:eyes: A wild guess: human body and wearable will eventually replace all of the above.

Your thoughts?


I think the transition will be slow and we won’t really notice it that much.
There have constantly been advancements in IT and the way software is made&accessed and the devices where software has been hosted.
Testers either adapted or new testers appeared directly into those fields.
Things will change of course. But they also need to be stable for a while.
Half of the world population don’t have access to the internet yet, even though it appeared almost 30 years ago. And about two thirds don’t have access to a computer.
Now some companies and countries will make more advancements faster than the others. But the breakthrough into the markets will certainly be slow.
Then consider who’s going to be affording the new technology? Global inequality gap is constantly increasing…