What do you think of these new discussion categories and chat channels? – Changes to The Club coming soon w/b 30th Jan 2023

Here’s an idea for how we might restructure The Club. It introduces new discussion categories and new chat channels.

What do you think?

Note “chat channels” is a new piece of functionality that we’ll soon switch on.

Existing categories will be marked as archived and folks will no longer be able to create new topics. I’ll likely move over some recent topic conversations into the best-matched new category.


Overall, love what is there already.

And, two areas I think could be built on:

  1. Technology (A place to discuss things like testing micro-services, or event driven architectures, or programming language specific stuff).

  2. Product Ownership, Software Development, Design. Not sure what to call this but, somewhere to discuss the other activities/roles involved in building software. I think we have a lot to learn from other communities, and we already have great members who have that background. So it feels like it might be inclusive to give them a space. I have no idea if there is a “demand” for this, being the only drawback.

These may need sub-categories, and yes there is some risk of overlap with other categories, something I can see you’ve done well to keep to a minimum.


The categories seem well thought out, so I’m excited to see them.

Also, I’m intrigued by the new “Chat Channels”…


How about a development / code related section?
Either as sub category for tools or in parallel.

In general I mostly use the Lastest view.

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Thanks for your thoughts and feedback, @fullsnacktester, @dacoaster and @sebastian_solidwork.

I’ve made some tweaks:

  1. Movements & Practices is now Movements, Practices & Coding – an attempt to emphasise that coding discussion is good to have here. This category would also be the place to discuss practices outside of testing-specific movements/practices/approaches.
  2. Being Human along with sub-categories Mental wellbeing and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Note for every category and its sub-category they’ll be a description to help someone make an informed choice as to where they might best create their topic. And with my mod power, I can always “move” a new topic until folks settle into a groove with the new categories.


Latest update.

Expect some changes to the categories this week and next. Thanks for your understanding as they happen in real-time.

It’ll roughly go like this:

  1. New categories created, each with a fresh description (including those that already exist)
  2. Some recent topics moved to the most appropriate new category
  3. Discontinued categories are to be labelled with “Discontinued/Archive” and closed. No longer will it be possible to create a new topic or add a reply to discontinued categories.
  4. The default sidebar category view to be updated accordingly (this can be customised at an individual level)

And maybe I’ll get round to switching on live chat. :smile:

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Ok folks, please check out the new categories. :tada: They are available on the sidebar and also via the categories page.

You’ll no longer be able to post in “Sharing Lounge”, “Questions” and “Introductions”. We’ll work out later what we’d like to do with the topics that exist in those. Move some over and close some (that kinda thing).

I’ve moved some recent topic discussions over to their respective new category. Hope it helps.


Chat Channels are now live. :tada:

Give it a go via the sidebar or top right chat icon and discover what happens. :smile: