What does your typical sprint look like?

What does a typical sprint look like in your organisation?

  • How long is it?
  • What’s involved?
  • How do you plan?
  • etc

How long: 2 weeks. I am part of two teams so this isn’t proper agile, it’s just 2 weeks worth of work for each project. Team 1 is a 3:1 dev tester ratio and Team 2 is more like 3:2 at the moment. We’re still quite a young QA team so our processes are not very tight at the moment.

What’s involved:

  • Doing static analysis on Stories to see if there is anything missing in the acceptance criteria
  • Writing test cases for stories that have been put into the sprint. We write test cases in Gherkin even but no one from the business sees them. That means they are not really BDD scripts so that means they are usually longer than they need to be (more technical)
  • Executing the tests after the developers have done their job, the Stories get assigned to me
  • Doing confirmation testing on failed tests and possibly updating test cases if anything was missing as a result of finding those defects
  • Doing test automation for regression testing where possible (it’s a recent thing, no real direction has been passed down from the QA lead)

How do you plan: We have weekly meetings for refining the backlog and we do sprint planning after the current sprint ends along with a retrospective. For test planning, we don’t do any at the moment, it’s kind of up to the tester to do what they want.

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