What happens when bugs are caught in production?

What happens in you project context when a bug is caught in production?

What kind of things, in your opinion, shouldn’t happen?

What kind of things, in your opinion, should happen?

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Attempt to reproduce it. Write out the steps to reproduce. Friendly devs fix it. Test it. Support inform everyone who experienced it. Get everyone involved together for a post mortem meeting (5 whys etc). If deemed necessary, write a formal post mortem. For me, one of the most important parts of it all is to stop people feeling guilty, or stressed, or in any way bad about it. A post mortem is a learning document.

Read the customer ticket, and Inform the parties that need to know soonest.
Don’t : Spend loads of time trying to repro the problem, you don’t own the defect, the team does.
Do : Try and understand how the defect arose for yourself as a tester, go learn more about the environment and the use-case that caused the unhappy customer. Place the defect in a context, and then scan the vicinity for similar animals hiding around the same spot. Finding and Dealing with these at the same time may save time now.

its painful sometimes :slight_smile:
first we check the priority, if the bug is critical/blocker first thing we do is plan a hot fix to roll-out . at this situation no point of trying to find how this happened if its clear what need to do to fix the customer problems.
then do a further analysis to understand what went wrong.