What is an Integration testing , and who does it?

Hello everybody , I would like to ask a question , where I’m always getting confused, if someone could explain it in depth to me , I would be grateful , basically my question is ,
What is an integration testing ? and who exactly does it , as an Qa Automation Engineer ,
Am I responsible for it too ?
and where Qa Automation does take part in it from ?
what automation tools are used mostly to do the integration testing ?
I might’ve formed my question little incorrectly, if so , please feel free to correct me !
Thanks in advance and Best Regards !!! :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :raising_hand_man:


An integration test is as the name suggests, is to test whether many separately developed modules work together as expected. => more reading materials: IntegrationTest

A funny example, here are 2 things that work individually but not together (integrated):

Who does it?
I often do it as a QA automation engineer but I’ve seen developers write them also.

Well… are you? :stuck_out_tongue: What’s the scope of your role?

The tools will depend on what kind of integration it is but for example for REST API’s it’s often: restAssured, Postman, restSharp,…


From my experience, the integration tests were either non-existent (unfortunately), or done mainly by the developers after the unit tests are done.

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Wow guys thank you very much @mirza @kristof , what a lucky person I’m to meet such a professionals, you guys seem to know everything about testing in and out , I wish i could meet you all in person , for cup of coffee , if u guys are going to have any online session , please do let me know , I would love to hear your experience , once wise friend of mine said to me , if you want a change in your life , do change your environment, so, as a feature plan of mine is to become the best version of myself , Would be great opportunity to learn from you guys at least a one piece of your experience.


No problemn! :stuck_out_tongue:
There is a testers hangout which I sometimes join: Sign in - Google Accounts

I’ll probably join today at 10 am (Belgium time, so in 1h 40min :smiley: )


I’m at the office today but I’m up for a chat tomorrow, Fridays are usually pretty easy going for me.