What is an Integration testing , and who does it?

Hello everybody , I would like to ask a question , where I’m always getting confused, if someone could explain it in depth to me , I would be grateful , basically my question is ,
What is an integration testing ? and who exactly does it , as an Qa Automation Engineer ,
Am I responsible for it too ?
and where Qa Automation does take part in it from ?
what automation tools are used mostly to do the integration testing ?
I might’ve formed my question little incorrectly, if so , please feel free to correct me !
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An integration test is as the name suggests, is to test whether many separately developed modules work together as expected. => more reading materials: IntegrationTest

A funny example, here are 2 things that work individually but not together (integrated):

Who does it?
I often do it as a QA automation engineer but I’ve seen developers write them also.

Well… are you? :stuck_out_tongue: What’s the scope of your role?

The tools will depend on what kind of integration it is but for example for REST API’s it’s often: restAssured, Postman, restSharp,…


From my experience, the integration tests were either non-existent (unfortunately), or done mainly by the developers after the unit tests are done.

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Wow guys thank you very much @mirza @kristof , what a lucky person I’m to meet such a professionals, you guys seem to know everything about testing in and out , I wish i could meet you all in person , for cup of coffee , if u guys are going to have any online session , please do let me know , I would love to hear your experience , once wise friend of mine said to me , if you want a change in your life , do change your environment, so, as a feature plan of mine is to become the best version of myself , Would be great opportunity to learn from you guys at least a one piece of your experience.


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Integration Testing is required to test different modules of a software together. A software module may be working fine independently but to ensure that the software works well when all modules are integrated testers perform Integration Testing. Integration testing evaluates the functionality of various modules integrated together to form one single unit. This testing technique validates smooth transitions between various integrated components of the software. It is required to find out defects and faults between multiple interfaces of the software.

API Integration testing is the future of Integration testing. Basically an Application Programming Interface, or API, is the interface that helps facilitate connectivity and communication between two or more software applications. So, API layer of any application is the channel that connects client to server. API Integration refers to the connectivity that helps business organizations to automate the processes and embed/share data between system and application. So, API Integration testing basically involves testing the programming interface directly, as well as running integration tests to determine the functionality, reliability and security of the application.

  1. Why not ask the person that wants that to explain what they actually mean by it, what they target, what outcomes they expect, etc…?
  2. Items that could be integrated: APIs/services, code units, code modules, systems, scripts of external systems(e.g. Google Tag Manager, some iframes), products, databases;
  3. Then you have to consider: internal or external integrations;
  4. Which type of integration is it: read, write, link, import, export, embed, one-way, two-way, etc…
  5. Who’s owning the other integration part: open-source, free, managed, under contract, in-house built - how is that managed, where the risk is, one side, both sides?

Testing of any integration would depend on the details of that environment.
Where I worked the ‘integration testing’ has been done by people like: developers, testers, operations, content managers, distribution systems people, users, database admins, or combinations of multiple cross-departments people, finance/accounting department, …
In my latest bigger project, about 15 departments, 3-4 technical managers, 4 companies, were involved, each had a responsible person assigned that has tested the integration of a part of the project within their ecosystem part.


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Okay so here’s how we can put the term Integration Testing.

Integration testing is the process of putting together different modules of a software and testing them on various aspects related to usability, functionality, security, performance, and all the quality assurance benchmarks that aligns with the system.

As long as it is concerned with who tests it, it is always the team of testers or QA engineers involved throughout the software development lifecycle. Most of the time, the testing involves use of all the commonly used and popular test tools like selenium, Appium, Katalon studio, LoadView, TestComplete, HotJar, or any tool that you find convenient and available with you.

Coming to the automation part, it entirely depends on the functionalities and features that could be tested using automation so that the testing team has enough time to check on other important features of the integrated application or software.