What is cloud testing and how SaaS testing is beneficial?

The concept of cloud computing is in trend and it is good to buy cloud services rather than to setup complete infrastructure. What is SaaS in Cloud testing and how effective is it?


What risks do you want to address with your SaaS? Are you offering one or consuming one? How do you handle cost controls, how do you handle deployment or set of things? You’ll have to be more specific as cloud offerings are extremely general and vague and could cover managed services or virtual machines that are handrolled.


I understand that cloud computing is a vast technology. My only concern is about data security. I am not offering or consuming any service as of now. But I am planning to become a consumer of cloud computing and wanted to host my website/application over VM platform.

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Cloud Testing is nothing but a form of software testing only, used to test applications those are cloud based and utilizing cloud resources, like hardware, software and infrastructure.

Cloud computing has three categories namely, Software as a service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS). SaaS, at the top most application layer is use to host application and is visible to all users over internet. This proves to be cost effective too as no need to buy licenses for users.

SaaS Testing denotes the approaches used to certify that final applications, build using the SaaS model of development, solves the purpose as per design. SaaS testing happens after a certain iteration of the SaaS Development Process finishes. Testing remains continue even the cloud environment go to live. Constant testing on production, test and stage is crucial and required to monitor any service de-gradations. In addition, continuous security validation also play an important role to deliver security reassurance. In nutshell, incessant testing of SaaS cloud environment at each stage from deployment to delivery should be there. It can understood that continuous testing is the only way to safeguard any software testing company from any security related breaches and extra costs.

Hope this information is helpful for you.