What is the Difference Between a Live Connection and an Extract?

Hi, I am looking for what is thr difference between live connection and an extract

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Hi John,

Some more context would really help us to help you quickly.

Are you talking about Test Automation? And a live connection to a web service?

@richards12 any chance you could add a bit more context to your question please so we are better placed to help you.

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Hello @richards12!

I have seen this in Tableau. While I’m still new to Tableau, I believe the difference between a live connection and an extract is frequency of use and data management.

A live connection may be executed every time a Tableau workbook is accessed. This may place load on the data source and cause a delay in presenting the workbook for the user.
An extract may be generated periodically (perhaps once per day). The workbook detects the change, updates itself once, and is ready for users in a shorter amount of time. This also helps manage the load on the data source.

I was curious about your question and wondered if you might provide some background on it and its relationship to software testing.