What is your leadership style?

For any leaders out there, what is your leadership style? How do you support and look after your team?

I wrote my leadership values 2 years ago and regularly reflect to ensure I’m still doing all I can to support my team in the way they need me.

I try to take a servant leadership approach and be there to give my team what they need to succeed. That isn’t always possible though as sometimes they look to me as the “one who knows everything” and then I try to guide them as best I can without telling them how to do it.

I’m trying to grow too as I know I haven’t got it perfect so how do others look after their test/engineering teams?


Not really a style, but more of a mantra. "Set the team up to succeed "

  1. Listen
  2. If you have made up your mind, Dont Ask
  3. NOT: US/Them… Dev /QA…On shore / off shore…Remote/Local. It is all the same team or project. Do your part to the best of your ability so the team can succeed in EVERYTHING it does .
  4. Here is how I do it… There are may ways to solve problems. Here is my mind set and how I came about it. It’s all about learning , so they can do it next time or have the tools to solve the problem. It is NOT: “There are two was to solve a problem. My way, and the RIGHT WAY, and the both happen to be the same!”
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I’d probably count my self as a situation leader.

I morph depending on the need and the situation. I can be nurturing, a servant, a visionary, a diplomatic and even authoritarian at times. I try to find the balance between the styles that enables me to help people grow, give them autonomy but also setting a clear (ish) direction of travel so we get where we need to be.

Leadership value wise I think mine are around humility, respect, passion and integrity.


@r_crax I like the morphing style, this is kind of what I do also.

I guess I don’t have to add the usual like teamplayer, dedicated, have respect etc … so I would like to add:

I like to challenge things in meetings or things people suggest to test how far their thoughts go, so people/coachee’s can see how others think. When people think in the “now” I’ll think in the “future” and vice versa. (in a positive way of course :smiley: )

I also try to explain everything on a super basic level, even-though if people are technical skilled I will still try to explain it at a very basic level. Just because you don’t know if they are skilled in that specific area of tech. Here I want to avoid the “person who always just nods or is silent” and doesn’t understand a thing you are saying and when they have that “aaaaah!!” moment, then you realize you did a good job explaining.

Pat on the back, super important! Give people the positive feedback also, this is probably the best thing you can do to keep people motivated.

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