What questions do you always ask when reviewing user stories?

In order to make the process of reviewing User Stories and other software requirements easier and to share out the work across the team, I have agreed to make some check-lists.

My idea is, that I have a pool of recurring question that I usually ask for every ticket, or forget to ask, that I can make into a check-list to be answered ahead of development starting. Obviously this would be a starting point, and more questions and discussion unique to each ticket will be needed.

I am intereste to know, What questions do you always ask when reviewing user stories?

I have some thoughts on this already, I even did a blog post about it in March 2019:

Thanks for your time, I am looking forward to hearing what you all say! I promise I will post my lists once I’ve made them for others to use.

I have this list that I scan and apply as needed…

  • Are there any legal implications?
  • Are we adhering to our ISO requirements?
  • Are we entirely sure the specification is up to date?
  • Can we recover from data loss?
  • Do the designs adhere to our branding standards?
  • Do we have a rollback strategy?
  • Does the copy make sense?
  • Does the data persist?
  • Does this meet our business need?
  • Does this respect our users privacy?
  • Does this solve the users problem?
  • How does this look in Dark mode?
  • How does this perform on our minimum supported devices?
  • how fast should this be?
  • How should a screenreader read this?
  • How should the user experience an intentional downgrade?
  • how slow is too slow?
  • If a hacker broke in how much damage could they do?
  • If this breaks for the user, is the situation recoverable?
  • Is the interaction discoverable?
  • Is this in line with our accounting expectations?
  • Is this in line with our mission?
  • Should this be tracked in analytics?
  • what about loading when data is present?
  • What are the security implications?
  • What assumptions have we made that might be incorrect?
  • What attributes could come into play?
  • What did the user research say?
  • what does a loading state look like?
  • What does a side by side comparison reveal?
  • What happens after a downgrade?
  • what happens after upgrade?
  • What happens if the file gets corrupted?
  • what happens if the request fails?
  • What happens if the user disallows when permission is requested?
  • what happens in landscape mode?
  • What happens on older versions?
  • what happens when the machine is run in safe mode?
  • what happens when the text is longer?
  • What happens when the user has JS disabled?
  • what happens when the user logs out?
  • what happens when there is no data?
  • What if I put an emoji here?
  • what if the timezone is different than my own?
  • What if the user double clicks instead of single clicks?
  • what if the user is colorblind?
  • what if the user is running a proxy?
  • What if the user never refreshes?
  • what if the user zooms the browser?
  • what if there are more than expected?
  • what if there are one thousand?
  • what if there is only one?
  • What is ambiguous?
  • What is the offline experience like?
  • what should it look like on mobile?
  • What will logged out users see?
  • What’s missing? What am I missing?
  • When does the cache expire?
  • where can a user get help if needed?
  • Where could our test data be made more like real user data?
  • Who might be adversely affected by this?
  • Who should be able to perform this action?
  • Will this work for Linux users?
  • Will this work for Windows users?

That is amazing thank you!