What skills and training are needed to become a Solutions architect in Test Automation(Test Architect, Senior SDET / Principle SDETS)

Hi, So i’ve always been interested in the role of a solutions architect on projects in terms of their knowledge of technology, tools, development knowledge and systems architecture knowledge etc

I’ve been wondering to have a similar role in testing for coming up with technical solutions for testing problems in terms of tooling/systems which support testing.

My question is what technical skillset is needed for such a role? What kind of training should be taken, how to approach progressing into such a role? Hoping to get some practical advice from anyone in such a role or anyone aware of such roles. What skills sets are needed? Where to start? Are the AWS courses worth taking?

They often seem well versed in Virtualisation, Pipelines, Scripting, Different backend technologies, Integrating tools and systems, building robust core automation frameworks, monitoring etc

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Sounds like a great role. I think half the trick is going to be convincing most places to make a Test/QA specific role available for an Architect. It does happen, but it’s not universal.

I’m going to follow this thread to see if anyone in such a role can give advice on how to get there. Because I would be interested in such a role also!

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