What's on your automation checklist?

We’ve all got a set of go-to steps we take when we’re writing automation scripts.

I was wondering if people could share what’s on their checklist for those go-to steps?

E.g. one might be: check that the feature I want to automate is actually working before I write any code :grin:

  • Treat it as code: use versioning & source control, use comments, high coupling & low cohesion
  • TDD style: see that it can fail

I start with “Is this worth automating at this level?”. So many times I have people asking for advice on UI tests they are writing that are just bad automated tests. Probably bad tests in general.

Assuming I’m writing an appropriate test: make sure all my branches and environment is setup, and get something mostly working (dirty if needs be). Once I’ve got the bones of what I’m doing I’ll sort out models, data, comments etc. Work out if there other useful tests, or exploratory test ideas while I’m here.

Lots of useful commits, linting, and doing the teams pre Merge Request checklist and we’re ready for review.

  • all automation scripts should (preferably) be self-contained wrt test data :slight_smile: