What's on Your TestBash Home Checklist?

I thought it would be cool for us to create a checklist together for TestBash Home. So people who want to prepare in advance or who haven’t attended a TestBash before can use the checklist to prepare themselves. What would you put on a TestBash Home checklist?

Based on TestBash Home 2020. I’ll start my checklist with:

  • Wireless headphones - great to have so you can still listen to everything when you head out to get a drink or snack
  • A notebook and pen - I do take a lot of digital notes but I found having a notebook and pen for noting down super important ones that I’d like to action in the break or soon after very useful.
  • A pizza in the freezer - super handy backup plan in case you’re planning a break but you get whisked away in the excitement of the event and need something quick/easy to have for dinner
  • Conference clothes - I find what I wear really puts me in the headspace for what I’m about to do. For conferences, it’s got to be branded t-shirts although I did wear super comfy slippers on my feet last year because it is TestBash from the comfort of our own homes :grin:

Well now.

@undevelopedbruce and I are doing the entire 24 hours (see: 24 Hours of TestBash Home Charity Marathon)

So comfort is a big requirement, coffee, oodles of sugary snacks, blankets, slippers, comfy headphones and lots of the TestBash Home swaaaaaaag


Pre-checklist will include:

  • Tell Boss am attending a conference and not working

  • Switch off email notifications for the day

  • Snacks and coffee in good supply

  • A fresh notebook - can’t mix up the notes with work stuff

  • Must order new MOT swag, cup has broken, t-shirt is from 2015, need to update!

  • Make sure I have reminders to move, because I won’t be walking around a conference venue
  • Craft supplies
  • Turn off work notifications
  • Tea, tea, tea

Some great tips, I’ll be using some of these!

For me, making a plan to make sure the kids are all taken care of will be key for getting the most out of sessions live.

Oh and of course I need to plan some snacks!